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Gillard Road Nature Reserve

This is a relatively new nature reserve in Brixham.  Like Berry Head Nature Reserve, its managed by the Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust, and they mainly use Ruby Red Cattle to mow the lawn, so to speak.  

As it practically backs on to Berry Head via other land managed by the Trust, it may help act as a wildlife corridor linking much of the town with the countryside beyond.

Part of the site is left overgrown to create a supportive habitat for Cirl Buntings as they are a rare bird that is only really found in South Devon now and wide extended hedgerows help to create habitats and cover for a range of wildlife.

The result​ looks more like a selection of fields farmed with nature in mind, grazed by cattle to meet the definition of "Bucolic".  It therefore raises questions about whether we want rewilded habitats that could help reverse the catastrophic decline in wildlife over the last 100 years or if we are more interested in retaining cultural landscapes that prioritise a romantic view of the English countryside.

Gillard Road Nature Reserve
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